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Huake Mining Electrical Equipment Expert Around You

Jinan Huake Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Was Established in 2003. It is an Innovative Enterprise Integrating Production,learning and Research. Independently Developed Precise Positioning System for Mining Personnel (kj725), Intelligent Broadcasting System for Mining (kt190), Intelligent for Mining Communication Systems (kt158), Mining Intelligent Monitoring System (kj707),mining Dispatch Management System (kt124) and Other Eight Systems Have Been Widely Used in Major Domestic Mining Groups, and Deployed a Total of Nearly 1,000 Mines.

  • KJ1126 Coal Mine Belt Conveyor Protection System Improves Belt Transportation Efficiency

    Belt transmission has a wide range of applications in the coal industry. The rational use of belts for coal energy transmission can greatly improve the transportation efficiency and production efficiency of the coal industry. However, in the development process of the coal industry, due to the actual situation and the specific environment, the belt transportation often has some faults in the actual use process. These faults directly affect the transmission efficiency of the belt, and then affect the entire coal industry. Productivity.

  • KJ707 coal mine image monitoring system is fully upgraded to ensure safe production underground

    In order to steadily promote the construction of smart mines and improve the digitalization and informatization of mines, since the end of last year, many coal mines have begun to upgrade their video surveillance systems to ensure safe production throughout the year.

  • Shandong Yulong Mining Group visited Huake Electric

    On April 9, a number of leaders from Shandong Yulong Mining Group visited Huake Electric for inspection. Deputy General Manager Zheng Changqing, Sales Director Hu Weifeng, R&D Manager Ren Yaobo and other colleagues from related departments accompanied the inspection.